Spade & the Grave

death and burial through an archaeological lens


Spade & the Grave is a place to explore the often avoided topics of death / dying / burial through the lens of archaeology. Archaeologists are faced with human mortality regularly through research, excavation, and often face to face encounters with the dead. As a result, this connection seems only natural.

Robyn is an archaeologist and illustrator from British Columbia, currently working as a Cultural Heritage Specialist / Archaeologist for Golder Associates Ltd., in Ontario.
While currently working with built heritage and heritage landscapes, her primary research area is historical mortuary / landscape archaeology.

She got received her MA in Archaeology from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2017, where her research focused on examining the spatial relationship between early 17th-century colonial burial grounds and settlements. She also holds a BA in Archaeology with a minor in Museum & Heritage Studies from the University of Calgary, and spent one year of her undergrad studying British Archaeology at Durham University in England.

twitter: @robyn_la